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2020 Student Investment Plan Frequently Asked Questions



                                           Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why does Woodward Public Schools need a Student Investment Plan?

             Woodward Public Schools is asking voters to invest in students so that we can              provide the best all-around education to every student in the district.  This                             investment will provide students with the chance to have improved facilities, much                 like our students see when they go to rival school districts.  This investment plan                   calls for improving Safety and Security, Fine Arts, Home Economics, Technology                   and Textbooks, Athletics and Transportation.

    Q.  Why do the HS and MS Auditorium need renovations?

            The MS Auditorium has many seats that are not usable and not repairable.  The             sound quality in both auditoriums is poor and much of the equipment is not used or             compatible with today's technology.  The stage curtains are filled with holes, ripped             and paint splashed; none of which can be repaired or covered up.

    Q.  Do students really take Home Ec. classes now?  Why does this classroom need           updating?

            Our classroom, built in the 1950's cannot accommodate students with disabilities             who want to take Family and Consumer Sciences classes at our Middle School.              The equipment and setup of the classroom does not meet today's needs of the             many budding chefs!

    Q.  Why do we need artificial turf when we have a grass field that has worked for            many years?

            Our grass field is very cost prohibitive to maintain.  It is estimated the district spends             $50.000/year to maintain the grass field to be used 20-30 times.  It burns in the             Oklahoma heat and gets torn up in our torrential downpours.  Artificial turf allows             money for maintenance from the booster club to be put directly toward students and             other athletic needs.  Athletes can play in the rain without tearing up the field and             the band can practice and perform in the same space; improving marching and             sound quality.  Artificial turf can be utilized EVERY DAY!

    Q.  Why does the district continually need to update technology?

            The district always needs to update technology, just like everyone updates their             smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices.  Only the district relies on             Student Investment Plans because the cost of updating is not fully supported by the             Oklahoma State funding formulat or one-time monies such as grants.

    Q.  What kind of safety and security improvements are included in the Student                  Investment Plan?

            A new safe entrance/vestibule for the high school campus will be key to secure our             largest, most vulnerable campus.  The  plan also includes improved lighting and             new cameras for use across the district.  Additional lighting and new cameras will             help building administrators and law enforcement see more areas of the buildings             and also any potential suspicious activity going on.

     Q.  Why does the district need new busses and a passenger van?

            The safety of our students is our number one priority.  An aging bus fleet and             passenger vehicles are a factor in student and staff safety.  We want our students             and drivers to ride on buses that are safe and operable.  This Student Investment             Plan will replace four of our oldest busses to two passenger vehicles.

     Q.  How much is the Student Investment Plan?

            The Student Investment Plan is $6.06 million.

    Q.  Is there a tax increase with this Student Investment Plan?

            Yes, there is a small tax increase of 5.23%.  For most people, cutting out two cups             of coffee each month will equal the total of the tax increase in a year.

            For a home costing $100,000 this means they would see an approximate increase             of $3.91 per month.

            This also does not include the potential impact the Boiling Springs wind farm will             bring when it is operational later this year.

     Q.  When do we vote on the Student Investment Plan?

            Tuesday, August 25th from 7:00am to 7:00pm at your regular polling location.

     Q.  How much does the Student Investment Plan need to pass?

            School Student Investment Plans require a 60 percent majority to pass.  That             means that 60 percent of the people who vote in the election have to support the             Student Investment Plan in order for it to pass.  For Woodward Public School voters,             they need to pass both of the propositions on the ballot by 60 percent.  

     Q.  What happens if the Student Investment Plan does not pass?

            The district cannot support students with updated technology, security, arts or             athletics and safe transportation.  WPS would have to continue incurring high             maintenance costs and the problems will not go away, they would only get worse             and cost more money in the long run.








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